Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Busy week...

The last couple of weeks in the shop were really odd...I finally finished those swords for the Guard...some were really bad. Other were not too bad, but I had to do my own plating this year since I could not find anybody who could nickel them to my satisfaction. Check one on my professional development. I also did some experimental heat colouring of steel. The scrap breastplate below was the result of that experiment. Check two on my professional development. This helm which had been mocking me for almost two months suddenly figured out how to be fixed. Hey, I'm not proud...I'll accept the accolade. But two months...should have been less. But I was preoccupied.
A sword which should not have broken, broke. I am not thinking of welding it back together since although it is very nice, it may have other problems with it. I hate returns.

Jason and Austin seem to be enjoying themselves in our last advanced class at the Plant Rec Centre. Austin and I decoded one of Talhoffer's moves, so score three on my professional development.

I am not quite sure what to make of that smiley shield of Jason's.

Though he does seem to be using it with a certain amount of aplomph.

Most of these activities are detailed in depth on my other blog...the "armouring blog".

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