Sunday, April 19, 2009

Auto Rim Art

Made entirely out of wheel rims, hubcaps and bits and pieces from the wrecking yard.
The treatment of the legs of the wasp up above is amazing.

Man's best friend.

Man's worst friend.

Who. Who.

Just dragon my steel into town...


Jennifer said...

I LOVE these! The owl is my particular favourite.

Pacific College Mom said...

More great work by one of my favorite artists!

STAG said...

Lest there be any mistake, these are NOT my work. Although I am a metal worker, I didn't do these.

I honestly don't know who made them. I would be delighted to give credit where credit is due....but they didn't sign or watermark them, and so once they go viral, you can't trace the source.

One of the reasons I like to put things like this up here is hopefully somebody will know who did these cool sculptures, and I'll be able to label them.