Friday, April 10, 2009

Cell phones

Girl, 13, runs up $5K cellphone bill

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - A cellphone used by a 13-year-old Wyoming girl to run up a nearly $5,000 phone bill will text no more - thanks to her angry father and his hammer.
Dena Christoffersen of Cheyenne sent or received about 20,000 text messages over about a month, and her parents' phone plan didn't cover texting.
Her father, Gregg Christoffersen, says he thought texting had been disabled on her phone.
It's disabled now - he smashed the phone to pieces, hours after getting a bill for more than $4,750.
The family says the phone company Verizon has been willing to knock the bill down to a reasonable level.
Dena has been grounded until the end of school.
She says she feels bad and has learned her lesson.

Information from: KUSA-TV,

I rather enjoy reading the news from south of the Border, even though technically, Colorado is not really south of me, but rather more west by north west. Their news is always so the story about a Navy Seal who chased after a pair of dog killers. Very very interesting. Seems a couple of good ole boys decided to kill the wrong guy's dog. Worth linking to the news site.

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Pacific College Mom said...

Go Dad!
Now the real question is whether or not he will make her get a summer job to pay it off...