Friday, June 29, 2007

Algonquin College Chiv Course

Gotta love her pink katana over there on the left! Don't kid yourself, it hits just as hard as a "normal colour" katana! Wonder why the gap in the middle....and Shayne, you just look mean. Back still hurting I bet! And as usual, the armour made it difficult to kneel down. But hey...I WAS at least wearing it!

Jean trusting to the "force" and considerable skill to make up for the lack of armour. It seems to work...pain is an amazing teacher!

I must be slow for him to dodge this one. Unless I had already backhanded him, and was coming back for the coup d'grace. Naaah...I think I was just slow...

I have got to stop laughing that manaical laugh when I fight! Armour looks good though.

Greg outfitted in his dad's armour. Hope he will drop in on Saturday to finish his cuirass.

This is a good pic, from the swordman's perspective. The sword had just slanted downwards from the left to the right, and the swordsman is crouching to recover from the miss.

Greg taking on a hot fighter. I'm keeping my guard up, even though I am the referee!

Always nice to see the sensei's going at it. Their fighting styles have both calmed down in the last few years, more solid, more definite. Good to watch.

Don't do it! Its a trap!

And so ends the spring session of the Algonquin College Chivalrous Handling Course. Started with twenty one, and finished with, what....eight! Oh my! Do you think it was my breath?

Actually, the retention rate is pretty much in line with most martial arts and fitness clubs, so I am not as worried about it as I might have been a few years ago. Several people contacted me to tell me that life just got in the way, and they felt that they were missing out by not being there, and they are all hoping to repeat the experience in the fall. Well, can't ask more than that!

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Anonymous said...

Looking good Stag!! Yea I guess even refs can get wounded in the fight, eh? Better watch out, it looks like you have trained them well! Jen