Tuesday, June 26, 2007

De-motivational Posters

click on the image to enlarge if you have the energy

Well, today is a lazy ass day. Not too much going on. Stinking hot already, and all the classes are finished. As soon as I process the pictures, I'll put their pictures up on this blog. I am very impressed at the quality of the students. Last night was "sparring night" and they had no trouble smacking ME all over the fighing ring! Brenda took some pictures, just have to download and process them. Maybe later on today....
Today is border crossing day....a quick trip across the US-Canada border to import some swords, and maybe helping a friend haul some camping gear out of her attic.
So Henri, did you like the pics of the iron work below?


Zlanth said...

Hey Bill, been kinda tied up but have been reading all about your travel adventures. Every single one has me looking at maps of places I want to be! :D.

Was tied up before for classes but now I'm free, so let me know when your next class opens up.

STAG said...

Travel should be a requirement for graduation of middle school, and again for graduation of high school. When I am ruler of the world, there WILL be some changes made!

Classes. Well, there is a summer class for advanced students July 9th at the Plant Recreation Centre. You would have to train with me for a few weekends if you expected to get into that class and not get beaten to a pulp first day!

Saturdays will be open all summer to play. You know the way! Bring beer. And call first just to be sure I am not at the Star Trek Convention.