Monday, June 04, 2007

Went to Tesco

Okay, we did more than that. five or six kilometers stroll. Mr. Bush was visiting Prague, and therefore closed most of the palaces and museums for the next couple of days. Right. Can't get away from that guy! Ahh well, walked around the front of the castle. Its a big pile! Easily a couple of square miles in size! Very pretty fascades though. Clearly plenty of money spent on this place. Walked past Tycho Brae's house.
Did you know that Rosencrantz and Gildenstern were nephews of Tycho Brae? Things that make ya think!
A stroll along the "hunger wall". It was built to give employment during a famine back in 1333 or thereabouts, and made the hill even more difficult to take by force of arms. Not that it ever seemed to help!
A visit to a beautiful cathedral. This was decorated in Art Nouveau. Unusual, and it worked a treat! But the church is really famous for its graveyard which has great men buried in it like Dvorak, Mucha, and various mayors and presidents of Prague and Bohemia.
The other church we visited was the church of the Knights of Malta. It looked as though some of the beautiful honey coloured sandstone so prevalent in Malta was shipped here to carry out repairs. Could be. Will have to check it out on the internet!
Supper tonight was an orgy of pig steak, greasy "american potatoes" which are wedge fries boiled in pig fat, and ice coffee with a scoop of chocolate in it.

Well, after waddling out of the restaurant, we worked off some of that meal with a walk by the river, tossing chips to the swans. And to top it off, we went down to a Tescos. Thats a supermarket where I purchased a couple cans of power drink called "semtex". I was thinking of bringing them home, however I am beginning to re think this. I can just see some zealous security guard getting all annoyed about this.

Regards from Prague


Ovonia Red said...

Don't forget the gigantic blueberry dumpling and whipped cream that topped off dinner!


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Anonymous said...

I love Art Nouveau, though it WOULD be a little unusual in a cathedral. I would have liked to have seen the Knights of Malta.

Your dinner makes me want to gag, but the dessert sounds positively mouth watering!

~ Jen