Saturday, June 16, 2007

Groetplace, Brussels

click on the image to enlarge.
The name means "Big Place". It is, in my opinion, the prettiest plaza in Europe. Surrounded by thousands of tourists, twinkies, touts, and even a few locals. This was built in an age when each guild and business had to outdo its neighbour. Donald Trump would understand.
On the left is the town hall. A wedding was being done there while we watched....complete with costumed town crier, bridesmaids in pretty dresses, and handsome Belgiques looking not at all uncomfortable in their best penquin suits.
Note that this is only half the plaza.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! What time frame does this date to? Love that beautiful blue sky. ~ Jen

STAG said...

Oh gosh....they are all built over the course of a century, but one building, in the middle of the picture, has a "1630" date on its fascade. To make it difficult though, Napoleon burnt a lot of this out when he captured Brussels, and the Belgiques re-built it "in the old manner", with mostly the original stone. So some look ancient, but are in fact, no older than 1805. (right, modern! hah!)