Thursday, June 21, 2007


The train station. From the trains side. Really! click on the picture, see the detail, even to the cut glass in the top arch! If anybody visits there, it is helpful to remember that the washrooms are just off to the right...I think that fellow in the pic is running to get to it. Female washroom attendants. That took a little getting used to. Its no time to discover that you have a shy bladder....grin!
Closeup. Click on the images to enlarge.
The train station, from the inside, looking at the arch to get to the trains. Its like a triumphal arch!
Wooden elephants. Don't know why they were there, but they were VERY cool, so I posed with one. I like them!
And downtown Antwerp. A random street corner. There was just so much fancy architecture that I could not take it all in! This city is full of gorgeous buildings, stunning diamonds everywhere (a city full of jewelers! Wow!), and people everywhere speaking Flemish. Nice language, not as gutteral as German, nor is it as musical as the Brussels French. Didn't understand a single word, but the friendliness of the people made up for it. People have told me that Antwerp is a very cold city. Maybe a little bit...people were a little more stand off-ish than in Brussels, but all in all, they were proud of their city and their heritage.
Yeah, I'll be back. I understand Antwerp nightlife is really hot.

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