Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Polaris Costumes

The predator above seems to be collecting a very nice selection of skulls.

Theyr are comin' thru the walls Lootenant!

When all else fails, call the "Love Guru". Counterpoise that violence!

Wonder woman unmasked. Prettier than I expected!

Another Jedi Knight.

Sid, looking vicious.

Ripley's cargo manipulator. Works too!

Transformers. Gotta love em.

Anybody see my mummy?


And Green Arrow never looked so good!


cv said...

Ha ha! What fun!

I'd love to stomp around in Ripley's Loader.

I'd also love to be the photographer.

STAG said...

I am sure you would have been a much better photographer than me, cv...I had a real problem getting the backgrounds to be "backgrounds". Of course the subjects would not stop moving, and the lighting was non-existant...there was nothing but what your camera gave you, so these are all snapshots.