Monday, July 07, 2008

New Classes started

This is the first summer I have ever run classes....normally we take all of July and August off. But yesterday, we got a fantastic seventeen sign ups for the summer programme at the Community Centre. All Right!

Of course the only real problem is the heat! For reasons of economy, the community centre has put all its air conditioning into keeping control of the humidity created by that big hot indoor pool across the hall! There is not a lot left over to chill the people working out in the side rooms. It would be nice if we could open a few windows or doors, but "that would defeat the air conditioning". Really? WHAT air conditioning? All means that people cannot wear the full armour that Jeff is wearing in the picture....that would just lead to heat stroke. But they can still train the skills. And the heat is not all bad. Warm muscles train better and smoother than cold muscles.

Shayne took a dozen students aside and trained them into the most basic of moves, and will be the only one to deal with them next weekend while I am away. The creation of integrated classes (very knowledgable students alongisde total beginners) is trickier than it looks. Fortunately, I have enough tricks up my sleeve that I can share to keep the advanced students interested, and the basic class is full of very excited students that are doing really well. And I guess if I have achieved that, then I have achieved my goal.

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justagirl said...

Before I even read anything, I looked at that picture and said "it's too hot to be wearing that!" LOL. Egads, that would stink....literally. Make sure you all drink plenty of fluids in there! That's a great sized class, though.