Friday, July 04, 2008

Web Site of the Week

This week's Oh My Gosh cool web site has got to be Grog's animated "knot tying" site. Not quite sure why I like knots so much....and its not like I have on obsession with learning new ones....I only know about a dozen myself, but I do like to use a knot correctly and well. And some of these knots can give you real bragging rights for the show off in all of us, and some....well, like the knot in the illustration, seem to be designed mostly to keep you occupied on long sea voyages.
Grog wants to get people to know how to tie these knots, and his site has all these knots where when you click on them, they tie neat and simple steps. You can go back and follow it through again and again with just a simple mouse click.

Please visit Grog's site.....


cv said...


this is like watching paint dry!

I still bookmarked it.

STAG said...

I feel much the same way about weddings...grin! Guess you have to like knots.

It was the technical expertise of assembling all those pictures and putting them together into a set of tutorials which is interactive enough that I am seriously thinking about how I can do that with MY web site. (It might be easier than it looks! What are the chances?)

justagirl said...

Far out! I like it! I have actually always wanted to learn how to tie cook knots. Really! Thanks for the link.