Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Polaris Hall Costumes

Adam and his steam punk look. I think he does it best of those I have seen.

A tough lady.

Just as tough but without the attitude. Dig the skeleton hand...the last guy who took liberties.

My the booth next door. Arn't they a sweet couple?

Auditions for the new BlueWomanGroup went well.

And even Hellboy showed up.

Captain Jane. Prrrrrrrr.

And even cool tattoos. Those are always exciting.

As usual, click on these images to see them in their magnificent glory!


justagirl said...

These are trekkies? It's unlike the pics of any trekkie convention I've ever seen! Now the blue woman is interesting. I thought at first it was the lighting, but once I clicked the photos I see that it's some kind of paint. What is it??

STAG said...

Polaris is the new name for the Toronto Star Trek Convention. They have moved well away from Star Trek. I didn't bother taking pictures of the hundred or so Klingons, and dozens of Obi-wan's who wandered past.
The costume contest at Polaris is considered the best in North America, and people work for years to come up with cool costumes. The "Masquerade" is attended by half a thousand people, and can sometimes get kind of raucous.
The paint is kind of is not grease paint...but rather a fairly new product virtually invented by the people who created the "blue man group". It does not come off on your clothes, but dissolves fairly easily in vaseline. (hmmmm. rubbing the blue girl down with vaseline. Its a dirty job, but somebody gets to do it!) Also available in Star Wars black, Hell Boy red, and of course, in Blue Man blue. Watch this space for more examples...grin!

justagirl said...

Far out! I wish we had something like that here!! I could do some cool things with that paint.....