Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art? Tuesday Toons

Nope....they still look like pigs. I have never found that tattoos improve the person they are adorning. Case in point...the picture below.
This is just creepy. One wonders how it will look in ten years when it starts to get blurry, and muddled like all tattoos. Sort of a Grey's Anatomy effect.

I have seen this concept before...though usually it is a skull or skeleton hand breaking out of the dude's chest. This one is a little different..."scratch the surface and find a super hero inside". It'll just look silly when you grow up enough to grow hair on your chest dude....

Oh my, way to freak out a date dude! The latest thing in tattoos...3-D creepy crawlies. eeek!

Here we have a young lady who has everything going on. Nice trim figure, a model's high cheekbones, youth, and a love for lizards. Well, nobody is perfect. Good lizard though....nice three dimentional effect.

Here you go...today's Tuesday Toons.


justagirl said...

Why? WHY do people do this to themselves? Let alone pigs!

STAG said...

The pigs were practice for the tattoo artists. Won't make any difference once they are turned into pork chops.