Monday, October 06, 2008

Now this looks interesting....a sort of lap desk specifically meant for making Macrame. They call it "macrame lace". I am imagining window coverings being made this way.

Click on the image below and wonder at the things craftsmen and craftswomen got up to back in the olden days.


Pacific College Mom said...

What a blast from the past, my teenage years to be exact. I made all sorts of this stuff back then, not curtains, but certainly wall hangings and plant holders. What is the inspiration for posting these? I always thought they were an intriguing art form!

STAG said...

Oh gosh...who knows what twigs my imagination at any given time.

I was looking for knots to fancy up an armour, and found this. Aint they cute?

Pacific College Mom said...

Funny, this book looks old, wonder what year it was published?