Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday morning snow

So this morning I awaken to THIS! Blowdy heck on a stick!

above the trees are bowed down under the weight. Below, my poor car is frost bitten. Its like a Batman movie out there right now, starring Jack Frost and Mr Freeze!

Below is a pic of my front porch, with the church in the background. I think it has stopped snowing. Now I am waiting for it to turn into rain, then nice motorcyling weather for the weekend. Yeah...and pigs might fly!

This snowfall will melt. Normally the first snowfall of the season melts. Last year was an anomaly in that it never DID get around to melting. But then, last year, the first snow fall was in November, not at the tail end of October.
I don't like October snowfalls....the leaves have not had a chance to all fall off the trees, so the snow sticks to them, causing the boughs to sag into power lines, breaking them off. Um...breaking off both the boughs AND the power lines. There were several blips in the power last night, and I just know that there are large sections of the city blacked out this morning.
Welcome to winter in Canada kiddies!

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justagirl said...

Perhaps I won't move to Canada after all. That gives me shivers just looking at it. I am SO not ready for this!