Thursday, October 16, 2008

Short week

Thursday already! Oh my! Well, we HAVE been really busy! The weekend past is our Thanksgiving....good friends who used to live here have come by to holiday and feast, and Brenda made a traditional Turkey dinner, w. cob corn, homemade cranberry sauce, and stuffing. Omar brought a sweet potato soup which was surprisingly good, while Kay brought garlic roasted new potatoes. Susan brought the veg, a sort of veggie salad full of blanched peas in their bods, spinach, mandarin oranges and pine nuts. Tasted better than I thought it would! Yesterday I came home to a house that smelt of turkey carcass being rendered down into soup! Yum! Brenda's turkey soup is really good!
On Monday, Lorne, Nadia, Alicia, Mike and Andrea dropped in for an "anti-turkey" day. Lorne brought steaks for all. His girls were with their mom for the day. I opened that day with a nice bike ride to a working grist mill in Manotic. This is actually a UNESCO heritage site, and it functioned as a working grist mill right up to the mid 1970's. Not bad. My camera quit before I could make even ONE picture....oh well, there are plenty of them here....

I went there with Mila who of course, rode here own bike, took the back roads so as to look at the nice trees which are all changing colours. The bike handled kind of oddly, and I suddenly realized that I was by myself today. Normally Brenda is behind me, and the lack of her slight weight made the bike handle differently! When we got back home Andrea and Mike were there. Mike wanted to put in an hour of work or two, so I sent him up a ladder to scrape a window frame, seal and flash the opening. It also gave me a chance to cut and install a piece of lexan to make this window into a double glaze window...imagine...a west window all these years with only single glazing! No wonder it gets so cold back there!!!

Took Andrea for a bike ride, and I think she enjoyed it. Unfortunately, there seems to be something wrong with the bike...the charging system possibly, or maybe just a bad cell in the battery. I don't want to take it too far from home, but the hills becon!! Oh the call of the wild!!

On Tuesday, both Brenda and I worked the polls and counted ballots for the local Federal Election. My American readers are still probably shaking their heads over a election that gets called mid September, and gets done and over with with only 38 days of campaigning. The results were predictable...same guys got in, same minority government. They still, in only 38 days, managed to spend 300 million tax dollars! Though to be fair, they have withheld at least 100 million of those dollars in taxes right off the top! Grrrrr...what other employer...but hey don't get me started!

Bottled some wine (sixty bottles of Chiraz), purchased a thirty bottle batch of Raspberry Zinfandel which should be ready for Christmas, took back a ton of scrap steel for re-cycling, got my trailer tires swapped out with ones that they don't go flat in a day.

So Brenda says, we got a right to be a little burnt out this week!
Today, I MUST get some more wire wound and cut. I did 50 pounds on Saturday, and I need another couple of hundred pounds done before I dismantle that rube goldberg set up I use to spin off the wire! This winding of wire...its for making chain mail. Its what I do.


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Happy UnThanksgiving, and I hope you enjoyed the soup.

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