Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday in the fall

And its raining. Blech.

This has GOT to be the worst time of year...not quite cold enough to be called winter, not warm enough to wash the car or take a motorcyle ride....and too wet to cork up the little cracks around the windows, on the plus side...the rain means I don't have to wash them. I hate washing windows....
Evestroughs have to emptied of their cargo of leaves, and pumpkins have to be purchased to be ready for the great pumpkin sword cutting party on November first.

The trees which were so colourful last week are all now bare and dead looking. Its time for me to start trimming the cedars...and maybe do some transplanting. This is the time of year to transplant shrubs since they have all gone dormant. Roses never seem to survive around here...they always die off. Ah well...its the time of year for some change. The shop is nice and warm...and later today will be full of busy people happily making armour.

The coffee is good, gas prices are down, the Canadian dollar has fallen through the floor (actually a good thing) and the stock markets seem to be rallying. (though, wait for it!) Brenda has been planning a European trip for a couple of weeks now. She is thinking of putting us in the Middle East around Christmas. Hmmmm. This could be interesting. I rather like the idea of Christmas in Malta. They do Christmas well there. Or maybe Italy. Naples does Christmas like no other place on earth! Ahhh...decisions, decisions. Well, first decision...whose armour will I work on this morning?
Have a great weekend peeps.

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justagirl said...

Fall is on its out here, with temps dropping to freezing and a chance of snow today. It was a gorgeous weekend, though. I installed a programmable thermostat and put in my storm windows. Just in time!!