Sunday, December 27, 2009

Canal Time.

In between our time time in Leeds and our time in Cyprus, we went on a canal cruise. There were not many bookings for canal cruises in England in December. Funny that.

This was the "Naughty Natalie", a fine fourty foot narrow boat. Narrow boats have a long and honourable history on the canals in England...the boats are only eight feet wide. Narrow indeed!

Inside, they are only as wide as a king sized bed. Well, what more could you want?

Me with a lovely little galley in behind, and an L shaped couch here in front. They tell me that the couch folds out into a bed for two people. Two adventurous kids maybe....

A remarkably well equiped galley. It was all powered by propane, as was the central heating. Not that we could take much advantage of the central heating when we were standing out on the poop deck, steering!

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kimberly said...

What a cute and tidy little kitchen!