Thursday, December 10, 2009


In no particular order.... The above picture is of our hotel room. Pretty swank! Below is all that is left of Hal Far airfield. A lot of Canadians fought and died during WWII flying out of this airfield.
Below is a picture of the tent city of migrants encamped on the old runways. Not a prison, they are free to come and go. But it is a bit of a blot on the landscape. The migrants are all illegals, and they all want desperately to work and have a good life, and they just can't. There is simply not enough work to go around. It is a problem. One that most people around here don't know how to solve.

Below is a picture of Republic Street at dusk...just as the Christmas lights came on. they go way off into the distance. Marvelous!

A Maltese bus. A leyland from 1956. The interior is fitted out in Mahogany and that stuff they used to make countertops out of during the fifties and sixties. It is the owner's pride and joy, the coachwork just gleams. Rides like a truck though!

A mall in Paceville has a walk of fame. This is the handprint of Allan Shaw, a crewmember of the USS Ohio. I recommend googling the story of the USS Ohio...its QUITE a story!

Looking down from my balcony, seven stories below is this old basement on the beach. Who "might" have been a gun emplacement, or it "might" have been a place where the owner kept his fishing nets. Who knows! Nobody around here does, thats for sure!

A closeup of the above bus.

And another view from my balcony. Not as foamy in that picture as it is right now...the wind has been squalling for three days! The ocean is really nice and clear though. You can see down fourty feet in a glass bottomed boat.

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