Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ice Road

Second to last day on the water. Opened the hatch and felt right at home. Inch thick ice. Not quite skating quality, but getting there.

Lovely. So long as you are comfortable inside the boat.

The ice makes interesting is reminded of that scene in "Fantasia" where jack frost is skating all over the pond.

Gavin and his crew push off. Crashing through the ice. (I love the angle on this shot....makes it look more dramatic than it is!)

The ice here is easy to deal with. Its only an inch thick, but note that the chunks of ice are piling up. They froze rather quickly into layers two inches thick...then we had something to worry about. The pieces were big enough to need to increase the revs up to ramming speed from time to time. Mostly the problem is that we would end up in a slot in the ice and be unable to turn.

Being Canadian I sort of had to press on and smash through regardless. Most of the resident canal boaters just tied up, and went shopping, wait out this unseasonal ice. They all said "oy, at'll be thicka tomarrara aye, bat at'll be gone ba christmas." My reply... "Roight mate...ta fer now".


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