Monday, December 28, 2009

Nice scenery from a canal boat

Please click on these images to enlarge. Above, wild ducks. Below, sheep.

The towpath is not a bicycle path. Those gates keep wheeled vehicles out of it. The bollards in front are to tie up after locking through, you are not supposed to tie up to them overnight.

The mile posts. Let me know how darned far I have to go. There is one every mile. They were removed during the war so that the invaders would not know where they were. Yeah, like invaders will be working their way up a canal at four kilometers per hour.

A stately house..
And if I ever saw a subject for a painting, this would be it up above.

Pesky little guys.
Woke us up one morning nibbling on the weeds hanging off the hull.

And two great bulls locking horns. The people didn't seem to be scared of them. I know I would have been....that was a lot of beef.

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