Sunday, December 13, 2009

Leeds, England

Even walking to the armouries in Leeds is an adventure. Above is the world famous Dhalek building. I am sure it has a different name, but the locals all know it as that. Now I be looking for Dr. Who.
This canal apparently makes it as far South as Liverpool. They were dug by navvies. The name "navvy" is a diminutive of the word "navigator", specifically a person who creates a navigatable canal. Later on, they became the special group who built rail roads. Remarkable sub group...some were nearly pagan, many did not speak the language. They had their own churches, schools, and other forms of a viable society because they were always outsiders everywhere they went.
Local boy who made good. That would be the, um...the Black Prince.

Here in Yorkshire, the roads are "gates" (from the scandanavian word "gatta", a thoroughfare, the gates are "bars", (they bar the way), the bars of course are pubs. Squares are numbered around the square, however they often infil the public square with buildings, with alleyways called snicketts (from the sound of the hobnails on the paving stones) and ginnels (you ginnel around in behind the pub to find the lav, mate.) They call this the English language without so much as batting an eye. There are some streets you find everywhere....Water street, wharf street, market square, and there always seems to be a "Boar Street".
A random street scape in Leeds.
And a pretty building on Boar street.
The Dhalek building can be seen from half the city.
as we walk up to "Brewer's Wharf". I think the pile of stuff in the distance is a statue of pile of barley stalks.
though your guess is as good as mine.
The walk along the canal is very pretty, and occasionally there is a lovely little footbridge.
The signs tell you where to go. The top sign makes one think.
So you walk past the lovely little canal boats. These are "narrow boats".
And a pretty coal fire on board seems to imply a coziness which is quite at odds with the damp +2 degrees outside.
At last we get to the museum. It all used to be in London, but hey, they have enough stuff down south, its time the north gets a piece of the pie. This museum of course is the whole reason I am here in Leeds at all. Well, that and the fish and chips....
Benches with the trade skills and armour names on them. And a luverly bronze 6 pounder in back.
And we have made it. The most magical place in the city. Maybe even in the riding. I decided to just start at the top and work my way down. Went through two complete sets of batteries today....expect the same tomorrow. The Royal Armoury Tower of London Exhibit in Leeds, England! Oh my!

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Another lovely trip for you and your wife! Merry Christmas!!!