Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Locking Through

As we come up on the lock, we had to be VERY cautious about the ice. Its not like there are any handrails here! Observe that dangerous cill just at the bottom of the lock gate...if you are not forward enough, it will damage your propeller or rudder as you go down. Its pretty much the worst thing that can happen. The second worst thing would be opening the gate paddles (the valves) when a boat is close to the upper lock gate. You can see one of them, on the right of the picture....something has kept it from closing fully, and it is leaking somewhat. But thats okay since the lock is being filled at this point anyway.
Oh, unlike facebook guys, you can click on the pictures and see them full size.

The Naughty Natalie doing double duty as an ice breaker moving into the lock.

The snow is wasn't just falling and stayed, We didn't get it very bad at least by Canadian standards, but most of the UK that day was under a storm watch, and the country was fair to shut down. When I was locking through, Heathrow airport, an hour's drive south of us, was closed due to weather.

And here you can see the Naughty Natalie leaving the deep Shardlow locks, the icicles on the lock gates look kind of um...cold.

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