Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The bulls going horn to horn, in back of the biggest potentilla bush Brenda has ever seen. I kind of like this pic...the conflict amidst the peace. This is a keeper.

Not much space available.

But this bucolic scene is trouble in paradise...thats ice up front. Very thin so far, but a warning nonetheless. A warning I didn't heed of course.

The Tudor Lady above was indicative of the pretty paint jobs on the canal boats.

Me and Grandad tying up beside the water point.

A view from the bridge. The canal boats seem totally to belong here, the cars, not so much.

The little bit of ice seemed to be just a small thing, the residents were not particularly worried. Still, a pleasant way to load up with water, get past the marinas, and out onto the open canal where the short days required us to start early, and tie up early. Not surprisingly, there were hundreds of pubs to choose from every night.

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