Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cyprus Nicosea

Bill on the wall built by the Venetians. (of all people) Down there are the foundations laid down by the hospitaler knights.

A fairly standard round city, with arrowheaded ditch defences. The top half is controlled by the Turks, the bottom half is controlled by the Greek Cypriots.

A great church which is now a mosque.

The subtle modifications in the portico. Like the Lebanese trees...

It lights up really pretty at night.

Bill and Lorne enjoying their Christmas eve here in the Greek side. It was very busy here.

On the Turkish side, there are many medieval buildings. This looks like a caravan serai, but in fact, it is a little a caravan serai, it provides rooms for the night, and shelter, with a great well in the centre, but what it actually does (or did) is provide water for the city and close outlying districts. Well it did, now it is a cool place where craftsmen rent space to sell their products. I expect to spend some more time in the days to come in this little place. It was late in the day when I arrived, and most of the craftspeople were packing up.

The well is that cute little building at the right in the above picture. In the background you can see some of the large "Ali Baba" water jars which are scattered about the courtyard.
The two inch iron bars across the middle of all the arches are a later addition...they keep the thing from collapsing in earthquakes. Good thing...

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